2 December 2012

Stage I kits for Harley Davidson

Hi to all.
Today we speak of the infamous stage I kit for Harley, injection, which involves replacing the exhaust system (or terminals), air filter box and adding the fueler unit.
Keep in mind that Harley already leaving the House with a carburation pulled neck .... ... blame U.s. pollution laws and our various euro .6 4.5, etc..
If we open
discharges we give more rein to engine.The problem is that you scompensa the optimization of the Harley.

Then assemble the only discharges, we have more noise with typical Harley sound USES, but with an imbalance of the carburation.
This is why we must intervene with the two other ways to balance the power again and especially the air/fuel ratio.
The second step is the replacement of the air filter box with another more performant and high-flow air inlet.If we open the exhaust gas flow, then we need to get a larger amount of air to the motor, in order to avoid a "bottleneck" that is created.
We can choose the type of Kuryakyn Hypercharger systems or more open as the Arlen Ness Big Sucker or VO2 Naked Of Vance & Hines.
At this point passiamor to the finals with the installation of an additional unit that "bypasses" without affecting the original loaded on this mapping.
The additional fueler we need to enrich the fuel inlet, since now we are using a "lean" fuel (more air/less petrol)
There are Dinojet models, such as the Power Commander or the latest Power Vision,
that represents the "status optimus" as versatility and performance with real-time management of maps on a Touch Screen Panel and recording of personal data for ad hoc mapping according to our tastes and needs.
Excellent starting point without spending a capital, is tris Vance & Hines proposed by us
consists of:
Vance & Hines exhaust systems to choose between various models in the store (see Shortshots, Big Shots, etc)
Vance & Hines Filter VO2 Naked
Vance & Hines Fuelpack Unit
Vance & Hines website you can download the complete and customised mapping indicating the model and the exhaust air filter mounted.After we insert the values shown on our unit and we are ready to make our dear roaring Harleys.
The increase we get varies from 25% up to 40-50% more than the standard cavalry.
A greeting from our staff at all for bikers to listen ...


12 December 2012

Windshields For Harley Davidson Sportster models
Many customers ask us for advice, especially in this winter season, to choose a suitable for windscreens
Harley Davidson XL Sportster models
Here are a list of versions and divided according to the type of attack:

1) fixed to the handlebar:
Spitfire Windshield with 1 "on the handlebars
Windshield Viper with 1 "on the handlebars
Windscreen Mini Police with 1 "on the handlebars

2) attack on the fork legs with quick-release capability:
Windshield model Del Rey Sportshield cod.art. MEP5011 combined with the cod.art system. 0012-2320 or cod.art. 2320-0069 in black
Windshield model Speed Demon Sportshield cod.art. 2313-0088 always combined to attack systems described above.
For models Sportster XL 1200 x Forty Eight va matched cod.art attack system. 2320-0109 or cod.art. 2320-0110 in black.
In this case must be repositioned front arrows with the kit included.

Here is a list of compatible Sportster models

XL883/C/L/N 1988-2012 (excl. Sportshield models for XL883L Low)
XL883 Hugger all
2012-2013 XL883 Iron
XL1200/C/L 1988-2010
2011-2013 XL1200C (excluding mod.Viper)
XL1200N Nightster 2007-2013
2001-2008 Roadster XL1200R
XL1200S Sport 1996-2003
XL1200V Seventy-Two 2012-2013
XL1200X Forty-Eight 2010-2013
2011-2013 XR1200X

January 8, 2013

Yamaha XVS 950A Midnight Star
Dress up your bike!
Yamaha XVS 950A Midnight Star